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Welcome to our firm.

Our work at Fenty IP Law, PLLC spans a diverse array of intellectual property (IP) concerns. Working with startups and IP-savvy clients, we partner with individuals and companies alike to apply technical knowledge, legal experience, and customer service to ensure the correct IP rights are obtained in a timely manner.

Learn the process.

Our Services


"As a fellow attorney, it’s great to work with someone who understands their area of the law and can guide a project along a proper course. Before writing my patent application, Jesse conducted a patent search to determine which products had been developed in my field. We were thus able to ensure that my design could emphasize aspects of the art that had not been done before. I have additional projects in the works, and I will surely use Jesse to help me protect them."

Nicole Costen-Ruiz, EsqCEO of ML Associates

Our Services

Our IP law services are focused on protecting your success.

Patent Your


Drafting patent applications is a skill and an art. At Fenty IP Law PLLC we work closely with inventors to ensure the correct inventive subject matter is identified and presented in a patent application.

Trademark Your


Instead of naming your shoe company “Comfortable Shoes,” develop a creative name that will stand out in a consumer’s mind. Often a good Trademark name will be a real or made-up word that has nothing to do with the products at hand.

Copyright Your


With the proliferation of software apps, Copyright law in the U.S. has taken on new significance. Aspects of new technology are protected by copyright law, in addition to other forms of intellectual property.

Trade Secrets

SSH… Silence Please! Sometimes the best way to protect your Intellectual Property is to tell no one at all.

The Search

Before any Intellectual Property project is undertaken, a good IP Practitioner will conduct a thorough search. The search is designed to uncover what has come before.

Building Your


There’s an old saying: “the business of Intellectual Property is business.” Intellectual Property protection is garnered so that a company may thrive.

Ready to find out more?

Fenty IP Law, PLLC is driven by the uniqueness of the human experience to improve the conditions under which we live. Understanding how things work allows creative people to build new paths to the future.

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