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Trademark Your


Instead of naming your shoe company “Comfortable Shoes,” develop a creative name that will stand out in a consumer’s mind. Often a good Trademark name will be a real or made-up word that has nothing to do with the products at hand. Thus, a creative name for a shoe company could have something to do with trees, boats, planes, or plants.


Before a Trademark application is filed, we conduct availability searches to determine existing marks or brands that the U.S. Trademark Office would likely determine block registration of your mark. With that knowledge, we can work together to develop other possible marks to represent your product. We provide search reports and opinions when requested to report our findings in writing.


Trademark registration should take place early in a client’s business cycle. Often a company will invest significant time and energy promoting their brand only to find out the name or logo has been trademarked by someone else.


Also desired, we guide applicants through overseas filing through the Madrid Protocol or country to country.

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